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Educating Autistic Software Engineers

Camp 2024

Dates: July 8th-26th

Monday - Friday | 1pm-3pm EST

Want to build video games this summer?!

Join us for our fifth virtual computer game coding camp! This virtual camp is for high school students on the autism spectrum (ASD). The camp will expose students to high-level video game design and development and provide opportunities for networking with peers. While developing their video game, students will improve their teamwork skills such as communication and collaboration. Throughout the camp, campers will learn the high-level processes of software development, game development, interpersonal communication, collaboration, and end up with their own game, from scratch.

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What are the dates of camp?

July 8th-26th, Monday - Friday, 1pm-3pm EST

What is the deadline for 2024 camp registration?

June 15th is the deadline for camp registration

What equipment is required for camp?

  • computer meeting out minimum specs (below)
  • video camera - built-in or USB webcam
  • microphone - built-in or USB microphone
  • paper, pen, pencil, anything that helps you be creative!

What are the minimum computer specifications?

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 (6th gen or newer), or equivalent
  • Operating System: Windows 10 (or newer), MAC OS 12 (or newer)
  • Memory: 16GB RAM
  • Storage: 250GB (or more)

  • Must be able to run multiple appliucations at a time (Zoom, Godot, Web Browser)
  • iPad or other tablet devices will not be suitable for camp

What software is needed for camp?

Want to collaborate or volunteer?